Ex-US president Donald Trump discards lawyers days to senate Trial

Mr. Donald Trump has relieved some lawyers on his team of their jobs. The ex-president will have days to replace them when he faces the senate. 

President Trump axes two lawyers on his defense team 

Former US President Mr. Donald Trump has released his top impeachment lawyers within just a week when his trial with the senate will commence. The lawyers Butch Bower and Deborah Lawyers have been removed from Mr. Donald Trump's legal team. 

Sources close to the situation said the parting was an '' agreed decision'' which shows there might be diverse opinions on how both parties want the case to go. A close source to Donald Trump has said fresh legal counsels will be added to the team in three days. 

This situation has cast uncertainties into the preparation of the defense team of the Ex-US President. He has been charged for calling on his supporters to start a riot that led to the death of about five citizens with many injured on January 5. However, the republican senators seem to be less interested in convicting him as just five republican senators have voted to continue the trial. This voting pattern shows that convicting him is very unlikely. 

The departure of lawyers linked to divergent views of defense 

Top federal lawyers like Greg Harris and John Gasser have also left the Mr. Trump team, meaning a legal shake-up is imminent. Inside sources have insisted that Bowers and Barbier were axed from the team because Mr. Trump insisted that there must be hinged on allegations of Electoral malpractices by the democrats. 

However, it seems the duo do not believe that such an angle can help the case. In recent times, it seems the ex-president cannot find capable counsels to defend him after being impeached twice by the house. On February 9, Mr. Trump will defend himself against charges of inciting the public against the Capitol in Washington. The dismissed lawyers have failed to comment on the issue on Sunday evening.

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