What you need to know about a VoIP phone system?

Technology is evolving exponentially. It has profoundly revolutionized the field of communication. So you can make calls anywhere and at any time, provided you have a good internet connection. But what is VoIP? And how does it work? Read on to find out the answers to these questions.

A VoIP phone system: what does it mean?

To be clear, VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It is used to make calls, both incoming and outgoing through the internet. So with VoIP you can make or receive calls without going through traditional landlines. In addition, there are three main types of VoIP services. There is Website VoIP, Residential VoIP and Cloud VoIP. Read this content for more information.

How VoIP works

Just like other data, VoIP is also sent over the internet. Sending it is roughly similar to sending emails. Here, once you make a voice, VoIP converts it into a digital signal called data packets. The voice conversion is done through codecs. Once the voice is transformed, it is sent over an IP (Internet Protocol) network. Afterwards, the data packets are converted back into sound. And this is what makes the communication between two or more sides. It is the ideal solution for making calls using any brand of telephone, computer, VoIP phone or other data-enabled device. VoIP offers you the possibility to make phone calls between internet-based devices and traditional phones. This facilitates your contact with your customers with their devices. Interestingly, the VoIP phone system stores all your data in the cloud. So you have the possibility to view this data from an online dashboard. So not only can you edit your contact list, but you can also make customized settings and automations. Whether it's what a VoIP phone system means or how it works, you've just discovered it all. Use this innovative tool to simplify your communication.