What to do to enjoy winter in Lapland?

The one region that many people want to go to in winter is Lapland. It is a special region where winter is thoroughly beneficial. There are many reasons why visitors come to Lapland. This article presents 4 reasons to visit this extraordinary region.

Visit the ice village and a cosy lodge

Visiting the ice village is the first reason why visitors land in Lapland. It is as if it is the only reason to come to Lapland, although there are 14 unique reasons to visit Lapland in winter. As the name suggests, this village is the kingdom of ice. The appearance of this village leaves visitors speechless. They can't believe their eyes when they see it for real. This kingdom is just a hotel that required 300,000 kilos of natural ice and almost a million kilos of snow to build. Just imagine what it might look like.

Moreover, after enjoying the coolness massively during the day, the lodge is important for warming up. In this special place, there is everything you need for a pleasant evening. Hot chocolates and local beer are available in the lounge bar. The dinner consists of local dishes that are very favourable for recovering the calories released during the day.

Dog sledding

To enjoy the scenery on the horizon, a sleigh ride is a good idea. The comfort of the sled allows you to ride for more than 2 hours without being exhausted. Nature lovers will be able to feed their eyes properly. The landscape of snow-covered forests and meadows leaves visitors speechless. No noise disturbs the ride apart from the sound of dog steps.

Snowmobile ride

A snowmobile ride is a must when visiting Lapland. With the help of a guide, you will enjoy the grandeur of some of the landscapes. The frozen lake is also overcome on this snowmobile ride. It is an excellent way to discover the great wonders of life.