UN chief worries about unchecked powers of social media platforms

The UN secretary is worried about the growing influence of media platforms. He warned that if appropriate measures are not taken, things might get worse. 

Antonio Guterres warns against media power 

In a news conference in New York, the UN general secretary has said he is worried about the powers which big tech companies have in the general populace. He said the world can't afford to give such powers to small media companies.

In his speech, he said issues of this caliber require '' sincere discussion'' and this is one of the aims of the UN about digital innovation. The UN secretary was replying to an inquiry about the indefinite suspension of Ex-US President Trump, who had both his Facebook and Twitter accounts suspended for alleged policy violations. 

The chief was particularly asked if he thought the decision of the media platforms doesn't violate President Donald Trump's rights of expression.

Guterress response to media power

He said:

'You are asking the wrong question. The right question would have been, does a firm or entity have such powers over issues of this nature?''

'' Or should there be a regulatory agency that will monitor how issues like these should be determined? '' My answer is clear, I don't believe there should be too much power allocated to companies to monitor free speech in the world ''.

 '' I am very worried about powers they already have, and information at their disposal, the inability of governments to control them. ''.

 The fact that the data collected by these agencies can be used to change our behavioral patterns is worrying. It is also worrying that they can also use such powers for political reasons and swing votes and thinking patterns cannot be imagined '' there have been growing debates about how media firms are using the information at their disposal to shape public thinking and censor speech globally.