Google stops Play store 'review wave' ' by GameStop online traders

After days of negative feedback dished at Robinhood app, Google has finally put a lid on it. Google has now deleted thousands of bad reviews aimed at the app. 

Google deletes tons of negative reviews from angry traders

Tech giant Google has stopped the barrage of negative reviews of top stock makers' applications that target investors. Tech platforms like Robinhood have suffered the most after they hindered private traders from purchasing GameStop and AMC shares.

However, social media Reddit board users managed to buy those shares, inflate their values, thereby affecting hedge funds negatively. However, this hasn't gone down well with most online traders as they feel impediments by Robinhood has hindered their ability to buy those shares. 

To get back at them, the traders had launched a barrage of negative reviews of the web application. Waging into the matter, Google has deleted many negative comments especially one-star review posts. The tech giant has said it will take stern actions when there is a fake message which was made to manipulate the product's score. 

Online traders not deterred, continues to give Robinhood negative reviews 

However, this hasn't deterred most online traders as more one-star reviews continue to pop up. How long Google will continue to remove these negative reviews is uncertain. Though Robinhood has stopped private users from purchasing shares after investment increases, they can still be bought by professionals and big stock traders. 

This has led to accusations and counter-accusations that the platform was guiding its investors and manipulating the market to favor others in a recently released statement, Robinhood has said these impediments are in place for '' management' reasons and not because of any presumed bias or acts of favoritism.

 The site has said about 120,000 negative comments have emerged on their review page and that others that have five-star before, had reduced it to one. Google said its terms and conditions prohibit 'review bombing' which is targeted at apps to reduce their positive rating.