Shark the Brave. Right hand of Clanchief


High quality resin cast. Unpainted, unassembled. Base included.


Sharkh the Brave.

Right hand of Clan leader. Insurgent. Brave, strong and loyal warrior. Old comrade, proven in many battles. Commander of all military operations of the Clan. He manages rebels, soldiers and other fans to resort to brute force. Unsurpassed gunpowder rifle shooter. Master of saber battle. His famous sword Lidaza, presented as a gift by dwarves of Tir-Na-Bor for his bravery and loyalty shown in battle against Mid-Nor demonic puppets. Osana - rifle never giving misfires and misses in the capable hands of Sharkh, he won it in a duel with Saphon the champion snipers of Akkilanian Griffins. Starting from underground fights without rules, Sharkh has come a long way to the top leadership of one of the most powerful clans in the continent.